Why does it cost more to get my dog groomed than to have my own hair cut?

- Grooming a dog requires washing, drying and cutting the hair all over their body, not just the hair on their head. It also involves removing knots, a manicure, a pedicure, ear cleaning and much more. Also, dogs don't stand still, this means it takes much longer than a visit to the hairdressers. 


Can I be present for my dog's appointment?

- I am more than willing to have owners stay whilst their dog is being groomed. This is on the condition that the dog is not distracted or unsettled by their presence. If you would like to stay, watch and have a chat, don't be shy! If your dog is elderly, blind, deaf or has any other medical condition, I may ask the owner to be present. 

I have more than one dog, can I bring them all at the same time?

- Yes. If you have more than one dog you are more than welcome to book them in at the same time to avoid multiple trips. 


My dog has sensitive skin, can I bring baby shampoo for you to use?

- No. If your dog has a Vet prescribed shampoo due to a skin condition then I am more than happy to use their shampoo. However it is a common misconception that baby shampoo is OK to use on dogs. Humans and dogs have different pH levels in their skin which means shampoo suitable for humans is not suitable for dogs. I use a wide variety of dog shampoos (some of which are made especially for dog's with sensitive skin) and I will choose the shampoo and conditioner that I think is most suitable for your dog. 


My dog is in season/pregnant, can I still bring her for an appointment?

- I know some girls can be messier than others when in season. Therefore I am still willing to groom during this time. I have been trained to spot signs and will stop if the dog is showing signs of stress. However, this may result in an unfinished groom. I am not willing to groom a dog that is pregnant, they do not need extra stress. 


Do you offer a collection and drop-off service?

- Unfortunately I cannot offer a collection/drop-off service. I have tried this in the past, however it often ended with missed/late appointments as I cannot leave the salon until all dogs are collected.


Why should I choose Short Bark and Sides over a mobile service?

- Although mobile services are more convenient, I have a spacious and comfortable grooming room meaning your dog will be more relaxed. It also means that I have the room to house all the appropriate tools, equipment and products to offer the best possible service that I can.


Can I bring my puppy for an appointment?

- Absolutely! Puppies won't receive a haircut until their coat is suitable but I do offer puppy familiarization sessions, which include nail trimming, ear cleaning, bath and blow-dry. It is important to introduce your puppy to the grooming process as early as possible as this will prevent behavioural issues from developing. Please ensure that your puppy has received their vaccinations before booking an appointment.


Can I feed my dog before his/her appointment?

- I would kindly ask that you don't feed your dog for at least an hour before their appointment. This isn't just to avoid accidents in the grooming room but if they have a full tummy then they are likely to find the grooming experience uncomfortable. 


Why do you only offer up to 10 minutes of de-matting?

- It is a moral and legal obligation (due to the Animal Welfare Act 2006) to ensure that the de-matting process causes no unnecessary harm or discomfort to your dog. If your dog only has a few matts then I will do my best to de-tangle them as neatly as possible, but I will only do this for up to 10 minutes. If the de-matting process takes longer than this then it may result in a clip-off. 


What should I do before bringing my dog for his/her appointment?

- Please ensure that your dog has been toileted before their appointment. This is to ensure that your dog is more comfortable during their groom. Please also bring your dog to the salon on a lead and collar. I also ask that your dog is up to date with their vaccinations and flea treatment before coming to the salon.